CARLSON.  BEST SERVICE.  BEST PRICE.  Of course, it's our Scandinavian Heritage!

CARLSON...the friendliest, most trustworthy service company in the stateline area...period!

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CARLSON welcomes the staff and clients of Mr P's Prep-N-Paint. The Harry F Carlson Company LLC as purchased another quality company to enhance it's services. We are excited to announce the purchase of Mr P's Prep-N-Paint! CARLSON welcomes the staff with all their experience, knowledge, and expertise. We also look forward to working with all of Mr P's clients!

Mr P's Prep-N-Paint has been in business since 1989. Jeff Pettera, the owner and now a manager with CARLSON, built a solid company by providing the highest level of service. Mr P's devotion to customer service and excellence fits perfectly with CARLSON SERVICES.

CARLSON GUARANTEES  your  SATISFACTION and the LOWEST PRICE, of course, it is our Swedish heritage!

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CARLSON offers a complete range of painting services, all of which meet the highest industry standards. Whether our clients are commercial, construction, or residential, our team follows detailed, standardized processes to ensure consistency and quality every step of the way! We are the best of the paint companies and painting contractors. Leave the house painting to us!

Carlson is the name to call for painting in Rockford. Carlson Services painting is the answer to large or same projects. We stand out among the paint companies.