CARLSON.  BEST SERVICE.  BEST PRICE.  Of course, it's our Scandinavian Heritage!

Marvin Carlson with a star empolyee. 

Jerry Carlson with a new carpet shampooing system. 

Selma Carlson with the Carlson Maids.

Harry F Carlson with the first 'company' car.

Company Names
     - Harry’s Service Company (1924-1958) 
     - Rockford Sani-Clean (1958-1975) 
     - MC Office Cleaning (1975-1992) 
     - JP Clark Services (1992-2012) 
     - Harry F Carlson Company LLC (2012-Present)

Decades of Service
1924 - 1933          Harry’s Service Company begins. Selma cleans homes.

1934 - 1943          Great Depression brings a diversity services. Selma continues cleaning homes.
1944 - 1953          Harry & Marvin expand business into farming. Selma continues cleaning homes.
1954 - 1963          Marvin leaves farming business. The farm is sold. Harry & Jerry change Harry’s Service Company into Rockford Sani-Clean Company.                                                  Marvin starts Perfection Office Cleaning Services.
1964 - 1973          Rockford Sani-Clean (Harry & Jerry) becomes largest commercial contract cleaning company in the Stateline area. Expansion into the Porta                                    Potty Business. Perfection Office Cleaning Services name is changed to MC Office Cleaning (Marvin). Phillip starts Carlson Industries Inc a                                        contract cleaning company which also provided roofing, painting, and remodeling services.
1974 - 1983           Jerry dies at the age of 38 from diabetes. Harry retires and sells Rockford Sani- Clean to MC Office Cleaning (Marvin). Marvin brings in a                                            partner to operate MC which becomes the largest commercial contract cleaning company in the Stateline area. Partnership at MC dissolves,                                    Phillip at age 15, becomes the General Manager while a also operating Carlson Industries. MC Office Cleaning merges with Carlson                                                        Industries to form the Carlson Corporation which operated a commercial cleaning business, a car wash, art gallery, and a retail store.
1984 - 1993          Marvin decided to focus on full-time ministry, he dissolved the Carlson Corporation selling the car wash, art gallery, and retail store.                                                  Phillip reorganized MC Office Cleaning setting up 18 sub contractors into their own independent businesses in order to allow for the semi-                                      retirement of Marvin. Phillip establishes Jordan Services Inc which in 1992 purchases MC Office Cleaning.
1994 - 2003          Phillip changes the name of MC Office Cleaning to JP Clark Services. The business expands to Knoxville TN, Fort Collins CO, and Madison                                          WI. Phillip sells the operations in Knoxville and Fort Collins.
2004 - 2013          The Carlson family forms the Venholm Group as the family holding company. Venholm purchases JP Clark Services and the Norwegian                                              Squeegee Company. The purchase of the Norwegian Squeegee added residential clients for the first time since 1924, which also brought the                                      Viking logo and brand to Carlson. 

2014 - present    Carlson purchases Mr. P’s Prep & Paint Company. Although, Carlson had been providing painting services going back to 1973, the purchase                                      of Mr. P's added significant growth in painting area. Carlson also added a new division installing tile, stone, wood, vinyl, & laminate, which                                      was another service we had been providing.